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First The latest major upgrade to the game content was The Race to Italy.
Second If you need help with this wiki, please contact me ingame.
Third Admin for this wiki is: FarOff
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Category Name Purpose
General Information General game play and interesting information.
Quests All about quests, tips on how to complete them, and more.
Buildings All about buildings, what they do, and how to improve them.
Brawling All about the PvP system, related statistics, and game play strategy.
Items Every current in-game item listed with how to buy them, where to make/find them, and sometimes interesting information about what they do.
Guilds All about the Guild feature, leveling up your guild for bonuses, and what exactly those ranks mean.
Characters An overview of all characters that make an appearance in the game, what they do, and why they are here

Create your own Gaulish village with the help of Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix, and a few villagers. Join a guild, make friends, and fight the Romans. Upgrade your village further and further to make even better items faster! Fight against other players in the boxing ring in a double or nothing PvP match. Whatever you do, have fun and try to avoid the sky falling on your head.

Asterix and Friends is a resource management style game incorporating the characters of the Asterix comic books! It went into open beta in June, 2013 and has continued to release new content over time.

Important Information: This is a fan made wiki based on the Asterix and Friends game. It is not associated with any official channels related to the game, including the related forums or FB pages. You can go to the OFFICIAL WIKI here.